Year/Month Donor organization Project
1  2012-2013 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ukraine and Moldova (MATRA KAP)  “Strengthening capacity of Moldovan local authorities and civil society organisations to be more effective and innovative in their policies towards women, young women and women ex-prisoners to increase their welfare”
2 2011-2013   EU  “Strengthening Moldovan civil society organisations in HIV/AIDS prevention and care for women and juvenile prisoners”
3  2008-2010  EU  “A new approach to poverty reduction in Moldova – combined efforts of NGOs and Local Authorities”
4 2010   USAID, AED  “Increasing confidence in civil society organizations of Moldova, including Transnistria and Gagauzia”
5 2008-2009   Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ukraine and Moldova (MATRA KAP)  “Developing after-care services for prisoners in Moldova”
6 2007   International Society for Human Rights  “Human Rights Observance in the Countries of Post- Soviet Space”
7 2006-2009  Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation, the Netherlands (ICCO)  “Strengthening the Reform of the Penal Justice System in Moldova”
8 2006-2007  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ukraine and Moldova (MATRA KAP)  “A new approach to social integration of mother prisoners in Moldova”
9  2005/Oct – 2006/March  UNDP  “Asigurarea reintegrSrii sociale a detinutilor” “Ensuring Social Reintegration of Detainees”
10  2005/Jul – 2006/April  OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE ZUG FOUNDATION (OSI)  “Monitoring of the Rights of Women Prisoners in Moldova”
11  2005/Jul – 2006/Feb  ICCO, Cordaid, the Netherlands  “Strengthening Civil Society: Health and Human Rights in Prisons in Moldova”
12 2005/May – 2005/Feb   Soros Foundation in Moldova  “Civil Society’s Assistance in Social Reintegration of Detainees”
13  2004/May – 2004/Nov  United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva  “Promotion to development of human rights education for prison staff within the framework of the National Human Rights Action Plan in the Republic of Moldova”
14 2004/Jul 2004/Nov  European Commission  Two international seminars within the framework of the project “Information and Ratification Campaign on the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Central Asian Countries and Mongolia”
15  2003/Jan – 2004/Nov  European Commission  “Strengthening Capacities and Management Skills of Moldovan NGOs”
16  2001/Dec- 2004/Dec  European Commission  “Promoting the Implementation of European Standards of Rule of Law, Human Rights and Human Conditions in Places of Detention of the Republic of Moldova”
17 2004/Feb – 2004/Oct   TIDES, New-York  “Overcoming of Stigma, Discrimination and Stereotypes with respect to HIV-infected Detainees, Elimination of their Social Isolation in Prisons”
18 2003/Dec – 2004/Dec   KNCV, Netherlands  “Strengthening Civil Society, Health and Human Rights in Prisons in Moldova”
19 2002/Nov – 2003/Mar   Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA), US Department of State  “The Rights of Condemned Women and their Children”
20 2001/Nov – 2002/Feb Soros Foundation in Moldova Protection of the Rights of Convicted Women and their Children
21  2000/Nov – 2001/Nov  Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the UK Government  “Moldovan Women in Prison”
22  2000/Jul  European Commission  International seminars “Raising awareness about the International Criminal Court in East European Countries”
23 2000/Sep   UNDP  Seminar “The International Standards and Rules of the Treatment of Prisoners in context oISHRtion for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”
24 2000/Sep


The Fundamental Rights and the Freedoms of Man
25 2000/Mai ISHR Photo-exhibition “Teenagers and Prison”