DoS report discussed on TV8 political talk show


The U.S. Department of State’s human rights report on Moldova is very critical and detailed, and this is important in light of the future assistance from western partners. Such opinions were voiced during TV8’s flagship current affairs talk show “Politica Nataliei Morari”.

The former MP Alexandru Petkov remaked that the report describes the human rights situation in Moldova with lots of details and includes the case of the political activist Gheorghe Petic, which is relatively recent. “Gheorghe Petic is detained absolutely illegally, based on trumped-up charges and with the involvement of the entire state apparatus to exert pressure on this man. This story is less than a half a year old and this story has made it into the Department of State’s human rights report. Can you see how much interest is being paid to all the developments in Moldova and how the authorities have crossed a number of red lines?”, says Petkov.

Nadejda Hriptievschi, jurist with the Legal Resource Center, says this report is able to produce some changes, especially in individual cases. It is also important from a foreign relations perspective. “Investors pay attention to such reports. Also, foreign partners factor in such findings in deciding whether or not to offer assistance to Moldova”.

Veaceslav Țurcan, member of the Lawyers’ Union, remarks the critical tone of the latest report. In his opinion, Moldovans with applications pending before the European Court of Human Rights could cite the report as evidence of the defective judicial system in our country. “Such reports reflect the overall atmosphere in a country”, added the lawyer.

Published on March 13, the latest Department of States human rights report on Moldova showed that selective justice and high-level corruption continued to be among the main problems.