Another Turkish citizen extradited from Moldova sentenced to jail in Turkey


The financial director of the Orizont network of schools, extradited from Moldova last September, has been sentenced to nine years in jail. He is the third of the seven extradited Turks to be sentenced. Last year, two Orizont teachers received 6 and 9 year sentences respectively.

Hasan Barış, principal of the Orizon Lyceum in Durlesti, told IPN that his colleague was jailed simply for working in this lyceum, where he taught for five years before his extradition. Hasan Barış said the ruling was issued today, March 22, and the hearing of the deputy director is scheduled for next week. The head of the Ceadir-Lunga Lyceum will hear his sentence in April, while two other colleagues will learn their fate in May.

The seven Turkish citizens, teachers and managers at the Orizont schools, were declared undesirable in Moldova and extradited on September 6, 2018. The Security and Information Service said back then that they were suspected of being linked to an Islamist terrorist organization that had illegal activities in several countries. The teachers’ families and their colleagues organized several protests and argued their innocence.